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Biographie Gone are the days when you had to visit offices door to door to drop your CV. Today a lot can be done using social media. Social media platforms have a lot to offer, from connecting with programmers for programming assignment help to interacting with future employers.
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A good social media image is vital – be it yours or of the potential expert offering online programming help. However, multiple studies suggest that a strong CV isn't enough to get you the job of your dream. You must do everything to match the expectations of employers trawling the web to screen potential employees.
Here're a few suggestions for improving your online presence for a better job:
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· Check Your Email Address:
It doesn’t matter whether you use your email id to share your coding assignment with a help expert or send out CVs. Your email address says a lot about you. It doesn’t sound professional at all. Therefore, create a professional-looking email address at the earliest.
· Mind What You Post
It's good to have a personal opinion on things. But you cannot forget the prospects. For instance, many recruiters scrutinise online posts to gauge the candidate’s political views, background details, and other traits before finalising the candidate. So rethink before you share something offensive online.
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· Avoid Covering Up Too Much
We all value our privacy. But it raises questions when you try to cover up too many of your details. Hence, to avoid that, keep all the general information visible to the public. It will help the potential employer gather a fair idea of who you are.
· Update Your LinkedIn
LinkedIn is probably the best place for employers and candidates to connect. Students can build connections with professionals from the relevant industries and stay updated about the industry. For example, if you are looking for a programmer who offers programming assignment help, engaging with your connections can link you with the best tutors if you use the profile correctly. Thus, update your profile with the correct details to help your potential employer learn about you and your interests.
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So you see, social media can make or break your career. Thus, be responsible and do the smart thing to keep everything in check.
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