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Biographie ACS citation is another way of providing scientific references. This citation style is an acronym for the American Chemical Society, and many chemists and authors use this reference style to present various citations. Additionally, many science students use ACS citation generators to ensure their papers have proper citations. However, apart from using generators, you must follow specific guidelines for referencing different materials.
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On that note, read this blog to find out how to refer to various study materials in your academic papers.
For in-text citations: You must use superscripts when referring to in-text sources. The superscript number should be mentioned at the end of the cited text, followed by punctuation. For instance - '... Rakita¹ found this element reactive.'  
You can even use italics and parentheses to modify the references. Such references look neat and allow the reader to search the references easily. If you're struggling with in-text citations, you can use an APA referencing generator tool for easy citation.
For drafting reference lists: The references cited in the body of the text should have a corresponding entry in the document's reference list. These references start with the last name of the author. After mentioning the author's name, you must mention the book or journal name, followed by the edition and page numbers. Furthermore, you can refer to sample citation lists from the ACS citation machine website.
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For referencing seminars: In the case of referencing a seminar or conference, you can follow the same rules. But you need to mention the event's place. For instance - Lehman, J. W. Operational Organic Chemistry: A Problem-Solving Approach to the Laboratory Course; Pearson Prentice Hall, 2009.
For book and journal references: To include citations for books or journals, you must provide the author's name, followed by the page number and the edition. You don't need to put the publication's name if the book is not edited. For instance,
  • Book chapter reference from a non-edited book -Lehman, J. W. Operational Organic Chemistry, 2007, pp 105-109.[/*]
  • Book chapter reference from an edited book - Nishiyama, H.; Shiomi, T, Michael, Organic Chemistry in Reductive C-C Bond Formation; 5th Ed.; 2007; pp 105-138.[/*]
However, if you struggle to cite the references manually, you can use a Topic Generator tool for text-based citations.
ACS Citation can be tricky and challenging to deal with. However, it is not impossible to do so. So, follow these tips before you start citing materials in ACS format. Good luck! 
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